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How SharePoint Designs reimagined document generation for a reputable law firm
August 19, 2022

How SharePoint Designs reimagined document generation for a reputable law firm

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About our Client

 Giddings MacEachern is one of the leading legal service providers in Canada. They serve customers throughout British Columbia, Smithers, Houston, and Kitimat - providing legal services across Business Law, Family Law, Criminal Law, Real Estate, and Wills.

 Project challenges

  • Hundreds of worker hours required for preparing documents that support critical legal processes
  • A considerable amount of time spent by legal assistants to fill in details and share the document with customers
  • High chances of errors due to the manual documentation process that requires complete rework -leading to significant resource wastage

Our Solution

During the project's exploratory stage, SharePoint Designs identified the common fields in the documents. Using MS SharePoint Forms, we designed a simpler form to capture all the fields that were to be filled in the document - thereby reducing repetition of work. Post the form submission - the documents were generated and automatically saved in a unique folder.

Thanks to our MS SharePoint expertise, the client could quickly retrieve the right document at the right time while easily reviewing the updated fields highlighted.

Business Benefits  

  • Seamless and smooth-functioning document management system
  • Vast reduction of worker hours involved in updating, correcting, and verifying the documents
  • Improved retention and retrieval since documents were electronically saved
  • More data accuracy by automating a huge chunk of the document generation process

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