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Do you want to be part of a Kind, Attentive, Inclusive Team with Plenty of Opportunities to Explore your Creativity, Experiment New Ideas, Freedom to not only take Decisions but also to Make Mistakes and Learn from them?

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Why SharePoint Designs ?

Hybrid Working Model
No Managers
Only Mentors
Nurturing Work Environment
Unlimited Vacation
Continuous Learning
Rewards & Recognitions
Futuristic Work Culture
Career Acceleration

Open Positions

Front End Developer
Front End Developer
No of Positions - 1
Experience 2 - 3 years
SharePoint Developer
SharePoint Developer
No of Positions - 1
Experience 2 - 3 years
Power Apps Experts
Power Apps Experts
No of Positions - 1
Experience 2 - 3 years
React Developer
React Developer
No of Positions - 1
experience 3 - 4 years
Angular Developer
Angular Developer
No of Positions - 1
Experience 3 - 4 years

Life at SharePoint Designs

I'm Chipui Kasar, from the NE state of India, I joined this company in July 2021, and now I'm working as a SharePoint Developer. Life in this company is exuberant. And this is the first company that I have ever joined in my life.

Before joining this company, I was like a lost person in the woods, with nowhere to go. But after I joined, everything changed. There is always someone ready to give a hand in needy times. I never expected that things would be like this in my life. I can't express the happiness of how I feel. In other words, since everyone is kind and attentive, I can say that this is my second family.

As the saying goes "Everyone needs a house to live in, but a supportive family is what builds a home."

Hi, I'm Sarat Lohar from West Bengal. In SharePoint Designs, I have started my journey as a Fresher. Within just six months, I have gathered experience with SharePoint Server, Power Automate, Power Apps and SharePoint Framework while developing and customizing SharePoint solutions, which gives me valuable experience working with stakeholders and understanding business requirements.

I'm excited to be starting my role as a SharePoint developer in this organization. From what I understand, the team is collaborative and supportive, and I'm looking forward to working with other developers, project managers, and stakeholders. I'm eager to learn and contribute my skills to the team.

⁠As a fresher with a love for coding, I started my career as a Developer in SharePoint Designs. During my training, I have gained a solid understanding of Sharepoint features, including workflows, lists, libraries, web parts, and custom solutions.

As a  Developer, my key responsibilities include designing, implementing, and maintaining SharePoint-based client-side solutions. I am proficient in customizing SharePoint sites with custom web parts, templates, and branding to create a user-friendly and visually appealing experience. 

I have gained valuable experience working with a team of professionals, and I'm excited to continue my journey in web development and contribute to the growth of Sharepoint Designs.

I'm Mohammed Jamal I started my career as a UI/UX Designer at SharePoint Designs in November 2022 The onboarding team when joining SharePoint Designs is phenomenal. Everyone is so supportive, and they are quick to help you get your bearings on the role.

 I had the chance to work with a lot of talented people throughout my time here, and it is definitely an honor being able to do so. The company culture is very clear about its values, which include making sure everyone feels valued and heard.

It's hard not to feel like part of something bigger than yourself when you're surrounded by people who care about what they do every day!

Hi, I'm Anish Kumar. I'm from Kanniyakumari and have been working as a SharePoint Support Professional at SharePoint Designs since July 2021. It's been an amazing experience here so far. 

SharePoint Designs is a dynamic blend of creativity, technology, collaboration, and problem-solving that fosters enthusiasm for diverse tasks. In just a few months, I've immersed myself in learning and achieved Microsoft certification.

This is a testament to the enriching environment here! I'm genuinely grateful for the experiences, knowledge, and support I've received from SharePoint Designs over these past few years—and I'll always carry a sense of indebtedness to this remarkable organization.

As I navigate my journey here, it's encouraging to see how much has changed since I first started working together.

I'm Swetha M from Ramanathapuram, and my professional journey began 2.5 years ago in SharePoint Designs, leading me into the realm of Power Apps development. While initially navigating challenges with a limited understanding of building Power Apps, I persevered with the invaluable support and guidance of Team members.

Through this journey, I delved into the intricacies of Power Apps logic, not only overcoming obstacles but also successfully completing multiple projects. My enthusiasm for continuous learning is a driving force, and I aim to leverage my experience to make meaningful contributions in the dynamic field of technology.

Having completed more than three projects, I've gained not only technical expertise but also valuable insights from Sharepoint Designs. These experiences have not only enhanced my Power Apps skills but have also exposed me to the positive qualities of the people within the organization, contributing to my overall professional growth.

I'm Subalakshmi from Chennai, a SharePoint Developer with 2.5 years of experience specializing in SharePoint designs. Joining this company marked the beginning of my professional journey, and it initially brought about some apprehension in mingling with others.

However, the supportive environment provided a comfortable space for me to express my ideas and overcome any initial fears.Over the course of my tenure, I've developed a profound understanding of SharePoint architecture, Power Automate, and best practices in development. Despite the challenges faced as a fresher, I've evolved into a confident problem solver who thrives on tackling complex tasks.

Having successfully completed over 5 projects, I now offer technical guidance to my team members.I pride myself on being a highly motivated and proactive team player, consistently seeking opportunities to learn and grow within my field. My journey has instilled in me a passion for continuous improvement, and I am eager to contribute my skills to the success of future endeavors.

I'm Nivetha from Chennai, I joined this company in July 2023, and now I'm working as Digital marketing specialist. At SharePoint Designs, my days are filled with positive energy and a sense of fulfillment. It's a place where my contributions are valued. The environment here is vibrant and dynamic, fostering creativity and innovation at every turn.

I'm surrounded by a team of passionate individuals who are not just colleagues but have become like a second family. We collaborate, learn, and grow together, making each day both challenging and rewarding. The culture at SharePoint Designs is one of continuous learning, where personal and professional development are encouraged. This support has allowed me to expand my skills and take on exciting new challenges.

The work-life balance is just right, giving me the space to enjoy my personal life while pursuing a career that I love. At SharePoint Designs, I'm not just building a career; I'm part of a mission for the company's growth. Every day, I come to work feeling motivated and leave feeling accomplished and excited for what tomorrow will bring.

I joined SharePoint Designs as a fresher for the Front-End Developer role. SharePoint Designs provides fabulous training for freshers. I was trained in UI/UX Design, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build Front-End Applications. At the end of the training, I got assigned to a project.

The best part of SharePoint Designs is the company culture and transparency. Seniors and juniors are more like friends and all of us work together as a team and share our ideas.
We go out for Team lunches and other Team offsite events. It helps us to get together, know other cultures, and be more productive at work.

SharePoint Designs offers rewards based on performance. They recognize individual contributions, and I am satisfied with the pay and rewards/recognition I receive. My overall experience at SharePoint Designs is Great. It is the best platform to enhance our skills. I enjoy working here and am proud to tell others I work for SharePoint Designs.

Hi, I am Ragul, SharePoint Tech Lead at SharePoint Designs. I started My career at SharePoint designs in 2017 as a junior web developer. In 2017, we were exploring new technologies and got new projects. It was a perfect time for a fresher to grow up and gain knowledge from seniors. After six months, I got directly assigned to client projects. My performance was recognized and appreciated by clients as well, which was a big moment in my life.

SharePoint Designs always rids the pressure on developers and helps the struggling point to achieve our goals. They are always developer friendly.
Whenever I enter the office, I focus on my work without interruption. They provide the best atmosphere for working. I'm on this exciting journey with them for around six years now, and I handle large-scale projects and lead the development Team.
I believe my journey will continue with SharePoint designs and achieve bigger things in the future.

I’m from Civil engineering background and with some basic computing knowledge I entered into the SharePoint designs as a SharePoint developer.

In the initial stages used to work on some specific platforms and later got more opportunities to learn and work in advanced technologies.

Within a few months, I was able to learn and work in multiple front-end languages and even automation. I have got a more selfless colleague who used to help at work whenever got stuck at any time and even met some with the same disorder.


Abish Kumar

sharePoint Developer

It's been a long wonderful journey with SharePoint Designs. Yes I started my career with SharePoint Designs as a fresher. Now, I'm 5 years old senior developer dood with strong knowledge of coding and other modern platforms because of SharePoint Designs.

SharePoint Designs is like a pocket dynamo. It may be a  small  company but very effective (A small team with effective performers).I have personally faced a lots of ups and downs in my career path. I have messed up few things in the beginning but the team here encouraged and motivated  me to learn from those mistakes.

My company believed in me and still entrusted me with lot of new opportunities to learn and grow. Now I'm a one of the senior developer in SharePoint Designs. I would like to thank God and SharePoint Designs a lot. I am obligated to SharePoint Designs to rest of my life.

We take fun seriously!