SharePoint Services to Enhance Collaboration and Streamline Workflows

Microsoft SharePoint environments require continuous improvement – with minor tweaks – to ensure the most optimized experiences.
SharePoint Designs is backed by the experience of having completed several SharePoint projects for enterprises of all sizes. Our SharePoint maintenance services ensure business reliability while reducing the risk of downtime or disruption.

Ace the Microsoft SharePoint journey


Set-up and go live

Manage documents, install basic webparts, and create Teams channels

Maintain and Protect

Get routine support, enable audit logs, and prevent data loss

Maximize productivity and collaboration

Digitize processes and utilize pre-built webparts

What we offer SharePoint Apps and tools

We create innovative SharePoint based tools and apps to make your company collaboration, process flow and communication efficient. We provide high-quality software solutions that provide users with an easy and powerful way to interact with their business data.

SharePoint Development

SharePoint Designs has a dedicated team of developers that are Microsoft Certified Developer associates, who follow Microsoft Recommended best practices and remain up-to-date with the latest SharePoint features. We provide customised solutions for your company’s needs to match your business goals.

SharePoint Consulting

Our team is dedicated to creating SharePoint solutions that are innovative, effective and easy to manage. Our SharePoint Solutions Architects work closely with you and your stakeholders to define a vision for your Intranets. They will work with your architect(s) to map out an architecture that fits your corporate culture, business needs and budget.

Sharepoint Migration

SharePoint Designs is an independent SharePoint Migration specialist that can help you migrate your files from sources like Google, Box and host internally as well as externally to SharePoint online. We provide a complete turnkey solution to migrate documents from your existing drives, online cloud storages (Google drives or box) to SharePoint online.The SharePoint Migration can be done in a highly efficient manner where your files are not only searchable but also available for easy retrieval. We ensure that your data is swiftly migrated to the sharepoint online and according to your need of organization.

Sharepoint Support

At SharePoint Designs we understand the constant change and evolution within organizations. For this reason we've put together a process and support streamlining documents and content updation to keep up with latest content but also keep it secured. Information & knowledge is becoming more and more valuable. SharePoint Designs can help you with a process and support streamlining documents and content updation not only to keep up with latest content but also keep it secured. We offer AI driven document automation, document management, document archiving and support services through a single contact point.
SharePoint Designs helps increase your overall enterprise productivity by unlocking the power of MS SharePoint.
Our services include business reporting, workflow management, knowledge management, support, and maintenance, etc.
SharePoint Designs enables you to accelerate and improve workforce collaboration by simplifying the setup of Microsoft Teams.
Our services include:
Microsoft SharePoint Configuration
Microsoft Teams set-up
Document Management
External sharing


What is SharePoint, and what is it used for?

SharePoint is a web-based collaboration platform developed by Microsoft. It allows organizations to store, organize, share, and collaborate on documents, files, and other information. SharePoint can be used to create intranets, extranets, and websites.

What are the benefits of SharePoint?

SharePoint offers a range of benefits for organizations, including streamlined document management, enhanced collaboration through team sites, integration with Microsoft 365, customizable workflows, robust security features, and accessibility across various devices. It serves as a centralized platform that fosters efficiency and connectivity within an organization.

What is the difference between OneDrive and SharePoint?

OneDrive is a personal cloud storage service, primarily for individual file storage and sharing, while SharePoint is a collaboration platform used within organizations for team sites, document management, and workflows. OneDrive integrates with SharePoint, allowing personal files to be shared within the broader collaborative environment, but SharePoint offers more extensive features for team collaboration and content management.

Why choose SharePoint designs?

SharePoint Designs is a leader in creating efficient, user-friendly SharePoint interfaces. Their commitment to innovation, quality, and customer service makes them a preferred choice for collaboration and communication solutions across various industries.

What Key Factors Should Be Considered When Choosing SharePoint consultancy?

SharePoint Designs is a leader increating efficient, user-friendly SharePoint interfaces. Their commitment toinnovation, quality, and customer service makes them a preferred choice forcollaboration and communication solutions across various industries.

  • Expertise: Understanding of SharePoint technology, including customization and integration capabilities.
  • Experience: Proven track record in delivering successful SharePoint projects.
  • Services Offered: Range of services such as design, development, migration, and support.
  • Client Testimonials: Feedback and reviews from previous clients.
  • Cost: Transparent pricing that aligns with your budget.
  • Compliance & Security: Adherence to industry standards and regulations.
  • Communication & Support: Clear communication channels and ongoing support.

Maximize the ROI of your SharePoint Designs

End-to-end Microsoft SharePoint services
Friction-free integration and deployment
Multiple pricing plans to suit business requirements
24/7 customer support

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