start utilizing SharePoint as your go-to document management solution today.start utilizing SharePoint as your go-to document management solution today.

Increase your employee engagement using our enterprise-grade intranet solution tailored for small businesses

Intranets are not just designed for Enterprises and businesses. Using intranets helps small companies grow. It not only simplifies collaboration and communications but increases productivity as well. The importance of identifying a business intranet solution should be taken into account when deciding which company should be using this solution.

You need a solution that is easily accessible but flexible, Stylish and durable. In addition, you should use the best intranet platforms that help businesses grow. If your existing intranet is not satisfying any of the intended purposes, it's time for a change!

What are the benefits of small business intranet software?

Document Workflows

Enhanced Communication

A small business intranet software can improve communication and employee engagement within small businesses by providing the company server a central hub for sharing information, such as company news, policies, and procedures, as well as allowing employees to communicate with each other through instant messaging, forums, and chat.


Increased Productivity

An intelligent intranet that can help small businesses increase productivity by making it easier for employees to find the information they need, complete tasks more efficiently, and streamline workflows and internal processes.

Document Versioning

Enhanced Security

An intranet can improve the security of small businesses by providing a centralized platform for managing user access, monitoring user activity, and enforcing security policies.

Document Generation

Increased Collaboration and Employee Engagement

With a small business intranet, employees can collaborate more effectively by working on group collaboration projects and sharing documents in one central location together, which makes it easier to keep everyone on the same page and avoid duplicate work.

Document Templates

Better Data Management

Intranets can help small businesses manage their data and business processes more effectively by providing a secure location for storing and sharing information, such as customer data, contact details, sales figures, and financial information.

Search Functionality

Shared Digital Workplace

SharePoint's search functionality allows users to quickly and easily find the documents they are looking for. The system indexes all documents so that they can be easily found using keywords or other search criteria.

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Example Intranet Templates for Small Businesses

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How to enhance or create the company culture

Intranets are not just for sharing information and streamlining workflows, they can also be used as a tool to create a positive organizational culture. The culture of an organization is critical in shaping employee behavior, decision-making, and overall job satisfaction. Here are some ways to use an intranet to create an organizational culture

Organized data

Share Core Values and Vision

A company intranet platforms can be used to share the company's core values and vision, which can help employees understand the company's mission and purpose. This can lead to a sense of unity and shared purpose among employees.

Facilitates collaboration

Celebrate Achievements and Recognize Employees

An employee intranet can be used to celebrate employee achievements, share success stories, and recognize employees for their hard work and dedication. This helps to create a positive work environment and promotes a culture of appreciation.

Secure data

Encourage Employee Feedback

An intranet can provide a platform for employees to share feedback, ideas, and suggestions with management. This encourages open communication and fosters a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement. In the long run, it will eventually help the organization in achieving measurable improvements.

Greater compliance

Provide Training and Development Opportunities

An intranet can be used to provide instant access to training and development opportunities for employees. This shows that the company is invested in its growth and development, which can increase employee engagement and job satisfaction.

Greater compliance

Foster Community and Connection

An intranet can be used to foster a sense of community knowledge sharing and connection among employees, particularly among remote workers and those who work remotely or in different locations.
This can help to break down silos and create a more collaborative and inclusive culture.By using an intranet to promote organizational culture, You can create a more engaged and motivated workforce, which can lead to increased productivity, better decision-making, and overall business success.

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Document Management System Framework

Here are some common features of small business modern intranet software

Document Management System Framework

Document Management

This feature in the intranet software allows employees to upload, share, and collaborate on documents in a centralized location.


Knowledge Management

A knowledge management system (KMS) harnesses the collective knowledge of the organization, leading to better operational efficiencies. These systems are supported by the use of a knowledge base.
They are usually critical to successful KMS, providing a centralized place to store information and access it readily. This feature in the company intranet project helps employees find relevant content at the right time so they don't spend their productive time searching for information.


Internal Communications

Be it a covid update or any emergency travel alerts, your company intranet can help the employees benefit with this custom feature for small business intranet software. The instant messaging feature can be included as a part of the internal communication web part in the small business intranet.


Allow Employees to Share Ideas

Increase employee engagement and collaboration using this feature in the intranet project which will help in improving overall company culture and accelerated business performance.


Communication Tools

This feature in the company intranet enables employees to communicate with each other using instant messaging with Microsoft Teams, video conferencing, and chat.


Task Management

Intranet software for small businesses with a feature in the intranet pages allows employees to assign and manage tasks, set deadlines, and track progress.


Company News and Announcements

This feature in the intranet software allows administrators to post news, updates, and announcements for all employees to see.


Employee Directory

Best intranet software has a feature in the intranet pages that allows employees to search for and view contact information for their colleagues.


Company Calendar

A company calendar is a common and essential feature of small business intranet software. It is a centralized platform that allows businesses to schedule, manage, and share events, meetings, and deadlines with their employees.


Mobile Access

Intranet software for small businesses with mobile access feature allows employees to access the intranet from their mobile devices, making it easier to work on the go.



All the best intranet software allows administrators to customize the intranet along with customizable dashboards to fit the specific needs of their business, such as adding custom branding or creating unique workflows.


Security and Access Controls

Intranet software for small businesses with this feature ensures that the intranet is secure and only accessible to authorized users.


Analytics and Reporting

All best intranet software will include this feature provides administrators with insights into how employees are using the intranet and can help identify areas for improvement.

How to choose the perfect intranet system for your company?


Consider SharePoint, if your business uses Office 365/Microsoft 365

For small businesses that are using Office 365, SharePoint is an excellent intranet solution. As an integral part of the Office 365 suite, SharePoint offers a wide range of features that can be customized to suit the specific needs of small businesses.

SharePoint makes it easy for small business owners and employees to create and own a social intranet, share content, collaborate on projects, manage workflows and tasks, and store and manage data in a secure and centralized environment.

With its powerful search capabilities and mobile-friendly design, SharePoint helps small businesses save time and enhance productivity by quickly finding the information they need and accessing the intranet from any device, anywhere.

Overall, SharePoint is a versatile and effective intranet solution that can benefit small businesses in numerous ways, from enhancing collaboration to streamlining workflows and improving data management.

Consider Google Sites if your business uses G suite

If your small business is already using G Suite, it is worth considering Google Sites as an intranet content management solution.

With its seamless integration with other G Suite apps and user-friendly design tools, Google Sites can provide a secure environment reliable and efficient platform for small businesses to create their own branded intranet site.

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Getting started with Microsoft SharePoint-based Intranet software

SharePoint Designs, a leading provider of SharePoint-based corporate intranet solutions, can help businesses execute each step of the intranet plan with custom solutions. Here's how:


Assess Your Needs

SharePoint Designs can work with small businesses to assess their needs and determine which features multiple tools and functionalities of the intranet will best address those needs.


Determine Your Budget

SharePoint Designs can provide small businesses with a cost-effective, pre-built intranet solution, or develop a custom solution that fits their budget.

Regularly Review and Update your SharePoint Site

Select the Right Plan

SharePoint Designs offers a variety of intranet plans to fit different business needs and budgets. They can help small businesses select the right plan based on their specific requirements.


Customize the Intranet

SharePoint Designs can help small businesses customize the intranet by providing design services, adding relevant features, and configuring the intranet to meet all the features and specific needs of the business.


Train Employees

SharePoint Designs can provide training for employees on the technical know-how of how to use the intranet effectively and perform key tasks including user guides and video tutorials.

Launch the Intranet

SharePoint Designs can help small businesses launch the intranet by providing communication support, and collaborative features including email templates, company-wide announcements, and posters.

Provide Ongoing Support

SharePoint Designs, is the best intranet software providers offers ongoing support and maintenance for the intranet, including updates and troubleshooting.

By working with SharePoint Designs, small businesses can successfully implement a Microsoft SharePoint-based intranet that improves communication, and collaboration and boost efficiency, and productivity while staying within their budget. Check out our free customizable pre-built intranet templates so you can get a head start with the intranet implementation.


In today's digital age, leveraging the best corporate intranets to provide personalized content and relevant information has become a necessity. Smaller companies now have the power to curate tailor-made experiences for their customers through optimized corporate intranet solutions. Unique branding distinguishes smaller companies from their competitors, attracting customers with its authenticity.

Embracing the modern corporate intranet practices, grounded in the principles of the best corporate intranets, brings many benefits. It fosters increased customer loyalty, improves productivity, and builds a strong market presence for smaller companies willing to adapt and evolve.