A Few Words About SharePoint Designs

SharePoint Designs is an emerging leader in the SharePoint technology. We have experienced tremendous growth since it started in 2016.

Why we do?
At SharePoint designs, we believe we’re successful when our customers are successful. By collaborating with customers and investing in latest technology, we help customers achieve their goals and continually extend the boundaries of what’s known as possible.

What we do?
Our SharePoint designs team is proud to build the most efficient intranet portals and interfaces in the world. We help our customers reach new heights.

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Products Overview


We understand the incredible value of your brand. It’s more than just a name or...

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Information is power. Our intranets help you spread company news both quickly and...

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No more lost opportunities or productivity. With anytime-anywhere access capabilities,...

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More than just administrative tools, our intranets are social networking platforms...

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Strengthen employee relationships with your very own corporate bazaar. Our...

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Get quick and secure access to important, confidential or commonplace documents,...

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Enhance productivity by rapidly connecting key personnel to important projects,...

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Company Events

Want your upcoming company social to be a big success? Our intranets merge SharePoint...

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Company News

Information is power. Our intranets help you spread company news both quickly and...

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About Our Customer

Our international clientele faces challenges unique to their industry and business model. Here's how SharePoint Designs helped them overcome those obstacles and produce results:


InterBarge is a provider of fluvial transportation and logistics services offering safe and efficient operations along South America’s Hidrovia Paraná Paraguay Waterway System. InterBarge...

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Dell – Europe more info about Dell online

Dell Team in Europe is having vast clients across Europe and Middle East. All these clients rent or loan Dell products for their computing...

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Riverstate Tax Office of UK – A UK government Project

Riverstate Tax Office of UK needed a platform to share data, files and other information’s between different departments within the Office. They needed a...

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Scimetric is a global pioneer in data management and assembly line optimization, having developed the world’s first cold test application for the automotive industry....

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Custom Products & Applications

We deliver SharePoint solutions with a focus on design. Functional, secure and built to perform, our enterprise products meet the needs of today's business while preparing for tomorrow's.

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Enterprise Solutions

80% of Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint. It's the preferred choice of intranet for most enterprises, offering powerful tools for communication and collaboration, extensive document management capabilities, sweeping search features, lively social networking platforms, and responsive mobile experiences across all devices. In short, SharePoint has everything your business needs to perform better, faster and more efficiently. Ready to get started?

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How Conveyancing in Canada was automated with a personalized SaaS solution

Are you tired of wasting your time with manual processes? Want a flexible workflow platform to automate communications and document management at...

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We saved 10000+ man hours for a firm with document management solutions.

Your current document management system (DMS) is not up to your expectations: there is still a lot of manual work involved to...

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Deploy SharePoint Your Way

On-Premise for SharePoint

Deploy our packages on SharePoint 2013/2016/2019. Our packages are designed and well adopted to the Default look and feel of SharePoint 2013/2016/2019. Or with custom branded Intranets.

SharePoint Online – Office 365

Deploy our packages on SharePoint Online. Our packages are specifically designed to adapt to a SharePoint Online Classic experience as well as Modern Experience.

What clients said

A+++ on all accounts!! After rigorously interviewing many SharePoint top rated experts on Upwork, we awarded the contract of developing our company Intranet on SharePoint to Venkatesh. Right off the bat, he offered solutions by really understanding not just the project requirements but connecting with our broader organizational objectives and intentions. All along, he was extremely professional, proactive, diligent and sincere in the way he worked with us. In the end, he delivered an outstanding product, that exceeded all our expectations. It was an absolute pleasure working with Venkatesh and we highly recommend his services. We will definitely be hiring him for our future projects.

Alisha Aum
Potential Project

Venkatesh, did a great job for us. We asked him to put together several databases and reports in SharePoint, which he did on time and on budget. His ability to understand what we were looking forward to obtain with these developments, proved very high, which made things easier for us. Reports required SharePoint to perform several complex links, which he coded successfully. Throughout the development phase, he interacted swiftly with our IT guys and managed to overcome complex restrictions we had on our corporate site. I continue to work with him and would definitively recommend him to others.

Pablo Di Neiri
Operations Manager - Interbarge

Venkatesh and his team did an excellent job. They were very responsive to our inquiries, and flexible with the deliverables to make minor edits when requested. We will definitely consider using them again should the need arise.

Christian Ugolini
Manhattan Tech Support

Our partnership has been very successful with SharePoint Designs Team, and we’ve always been able to achieve the final results that we are looking for. - Jorge Bulcao - Bigge  


Also, I want to say that we are very happy to work with Johnsi. She is great to work with, proactive, very reliable and quick in helping our counterparts at Dell. I appreciate her work very much and am thankful that I can rely on her to do what is needed quickly.   Best, Sabrina    


Hi Johnsi, After a few months working with you, I’d like to thank you for the great job you are doing with the SP . I really appreciate you to be pro-active and fast to take over the issues that are poping up – and to solve them in collaboration with everyone. Well done – thank you. BR Julie


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