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Unleasing the power of rewards through powerapps
February 2, 2024

Unleasing the power of rewards through powerapps


About the client

Southwest Network is a behavioral health services provider based in Phoenix, Arizona. They specialize in offering a range of behavioral health and substance abuse treatment services to individuals and families. While Southwest Network is based in Phoenix, they may serve clients throughout Arizona, and possibly in neighboring states.

Southwest Network, being a behavioral health services organization, has a culture to recognize their employees across various locations. They are broadly classified under 5 Pillars viz, People, Service, Quality, Stewardship, Community.  


While recognizing and appreciating employees is crucial for maintaining a positive work culture, relying on a manual recognition process can present various challenges. These challenges highlight the importance of adopting more efficient and streamlined methods, such as automated systems or recognition platforms.


Manual recognition processes are prone to inconsistency due to human error. Different managers may have varying approaches to recognizing employees, leading to an unequal distribution of recognition across the organization.

Delayed Recognition

A manual process often results in delayed recognition. Supervisors may forget to acknowledge achievements in a timely manner, diminishing the impact of the acknowledgment on the employee's motivation and morale.

Limited Documentation

Manual processes typically lack a centralized and organized documentation system. This makes it difficult to track and reference past recognitions, hindering the ability to provide evidence during performance reviews or discussions about career growth.

Administrative Burden

Manual recognition often involves paperwork, email chains, or physical documentation. This can create an administrative burden for both managers and HR personnel, consuming valuable time that could be better spent on strategic initiatives.

Our Solution

Our PowerApps expert, built a custom app without extensive coding, to suit the needs of our client. Below is a general outline for creating a custom PowerApps solution which can be accessed via mobiles as well.

PowerApps for Rewards & Recognition

Define Objectives

Identifying the key objectives of the Rewards and Recognition program is crucial to design the PowerApps solution. Understand the types of recognition, criteria for rewards, and the overall process flow.

User Interface Design

Design an intuitive and user-friendly interface. This app can be used in mobile devices. Separate views for employees, HR Dept; and supervisors.  

Integrate with the organization's authentication system to ensure that only authorized users can access and participate in the Rewards and Recognition platform.

Recognition Submissions

The form captures basic information such as employee name(s), Location, category of recognition, reasons, and period. All employees are allowed to access this form to nominate their colleagues or teams.

Approval Workflow

Integrated approval workflow to ensure that submitted recognitions are reviewed and approved by relevant stakeholders, such as managers or HR, before being officially acknowledged. To ensure transparency in the process, this custom-built solution will display only the location, reasons and period to the Jury for selection process. The app. provides an option to elect winner from the nominations page. Once the winner is chosen, the name of winners is displayed and published as News in the Portal Home Page.

Notification System

Implemented a notification system to recognise / congratulate employees when they receive recognition. The supervisors are also notified that their team has been recognised with awards.

Mobile Accessibility

Optimize the PowerApps for mobile devices to enable easy access and recognition submissions from anywhere within the organization. By following these steps, we can help you create a customized PowerApps that streamlines the Rewards and Recognition process, promoting a positive and appreciative culture within your organization.


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