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July 29, 2017



InterBarge is a provider of fluvial transportation and logistics services offering safe and efficient operations along South America’s Hidrovia Paraná Paraguay Waterway System. InterBarge owns and operates a modern fleet of inland river equipment primarily focused in moving dry bulk commodities for some of the largest companies in the region. With a strong operational background and personalized customer service, InterBarge is able to deliver integral logistics solutions to its clients.

InterBarge is owned by Seacor

SEACOR is a global provider of equipment and services primarily supporting the marine transportation and offshore oil and gas industries. It operates approx. 1,500 barges on the U.S. Inland River Waterways, the Gulf Intracoastal Waterways and the Magdalena River in Colombia.

Business Case

InterBarge had a challenge in understanding the performance of various departments such as fleet management, operations management, procurements and HR. They required a dedicated system developed using the SharePoint and establish coordination between various departments for continuous flow of process and performance of the fleet.

How we helped?

We understood the requirements from the client through various meeting and brainstorming sessions and clearly understood the pain areas. Coordinated and worked with different departments. We understood that there were lot of manual activities and data is maintained using excel, word and other files stored in the hard disk. There were no dedicated tools or softwares available for their use or for reporting.

Solution Highlights

  • We understood how they can go forward with the requirements. They suggested us that they have SharePoint that was adopted for file sharing and document sharing may be we use that tool to develop the system. So, We started working with the Parent IT Company. Seacor IT team to get required resources and tools to login and work in their SharePoint environment.
  • We started putting together several databases and forms that are available over SharePoint and each forms are used to update the databases.
  • Then we developed several reports that queries data interconnecting several tables together and giving a consistent results that are used for decision making, highlighting the performance of each individuals and team performance.

Technology Used

This solution is developed using SharePoint design manager, Bootstrap, Javascript Client object model. Custom navigation and branding.


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