Why Microsoft VIVA As Intra-Net Is The Future Of Workplace Communication
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Why Microsoft VIVA As Intra-Net Is The Future Of Workplace Communication


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Microsoft VIVA As An Intranet is a Microsoft Teams based application that allows users to view company wide news, join conversations and be connected with everyone with any device.

Create a culture of connections

With VIVA as Intra-net, you can easily allow everyone to collaborate with colleagues across your organization without having to send files back and forth via email. You can also encourage meaningful connections that allows to join a discussion, mentorship within the group.

Collaborate Easily with Team Members from Anywhere

In addition to being able to share documents and other files, you can also quickly connect with team members using chat, voice calls, and instant messaging. This makes it easier to work together and stay connected throughout the day.

Stay Connected with Mobile Devices

With mobile devices becoming more popular, it’s no surprise that people are increasingly relying on them for communication. According to a recent study by Cisco Systems, nearly half (47 percent) of employees surveyed said they used smartphones at least once per week for business purposes. And while some companies still rely on traditional methods of communication, such as email, others are embracing newer technologies, such as social media and mobile apps, to keep up with the times.

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