Embracing the Future of People Analytics: How Microsoft Viva Aligns with 2023 Market Trends
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Embracing the Future of People Analytics: How Microsoft Viva Aligns with 2023 Market Trends

Microsoft Viva Aligns with 2023 Market Trends


As organizations adapt to the dynamic landscape of HR technology, Microsoft Viva emerges as a pivotal player in the People Analytics Technology (PAT) arena. The insights from the "State of the Market 2023" report by RedThread Research underscore the relevance of Viva in addressing key PAT trends and challenges. Let's explore how Viva is positioned in this evolving market.

PAT Market Growth and Microsoft Viva

The PAT market has grown substantially, indicating a strong demand for data-driven HR solutions. Microsoft Viva, with its integrated employee experience platform, capitalizes on this trend, offering tools that enhance decision-making and productivity within HR processes.

Strategic Adaptation in PAT

The slowdown in acquisitions and investments in PAT suggests a more mature, focused market. Viva, with its comprehensive suite of tools, aligns with this strategic shift, offering a robust solution that caters to diverse business needs without the necessity for multiple disparate systems.

Employee Experience in Focus

The rise of Employee Experience (EX) technologies, especially in hybrid work environments, is a key trend. Microsoft Viva excels in this area, providing a seamless platform for enhancing employee engagement, well-being, and productivity, resonating with the market's shift towards EX-centric solutions.

Retention and Efficiency with Viva

In the current competitive labor market, retention and efficiency are paramount. Microsoft Viva addresses these challenges through features like Viva Insights, which offer actionable data to improve employee satisfaction and operational efficiency.


The alignment of Microsoft Viva with the key trends highlighted in the "People Analytics Technology: State of the Market 2023" report is clear. As organizations seek to navigate the complexities of modern HR technology, Viva stands out as a comprehensive, adaptable solution poised to meet the evolving demands of the PAT market.

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