4 SharePoint Design Examples That Are Easy to Implement
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4 SharePoint Design Examples That Are Easy to Implement

SharePoint Services

SharePoint is an enterprise content management system that allows users to create web applications for sharing information. It includes collaboration tools, document libraries, and other features.

They also provide an excellent starting point for creating new SharePoint sites.
In addition to providing a solid foundation for building out SharePoint sites, these templates make it easier to customize them with custom branding and functionality.

Create a Calendar Site Using the Calendar Module:
This module allows users to add events to a calendar site. It also provides an interface for creating new calendars and managing existing ones.

Create a Wiki Site with the Wiki Module:
The Wiki module lets you create a wiki site that includes pages, lists, and other items. You can use the Wiki module to create a simple website or a more complex one.

Create a Document Library with the Document Management Module:
The Document Management module allows you to create document libraries where users can upload files. This module also provides an interface for creating folders and subfolders within a library.


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