Consistent Branding

We understand the incredible value of your brand. It’s more than just a name or logo—it’s your identity. So to highlight that identity we maintain consistency of branding across all channels, from corporate intranets and web applications to subsites and mobile devices.

Through custom designs, fonts, colours and images, we use SharePoint to create a single, universal aesthetic which encompasses all parts of your company. Our branding also takes into account the importance of mobile, optimizing your look and identity across multiple devices.

So whether it’s on a company laptop or personal smartphone, your corporate style and logo never fail to impress with our highly-responsive designs.


Stay Connected Wherever You Go

No more lost opportunities or productivity. With anytime-anywhere access capabilities, your staff can connect to our intranet from anywhere in the world using their smartphone or tablet.

With intelligent, highly-responsive designs, we solve the fragmentation issue and deliver a universal user-experience across all mobile screens. The result: teams can now collaborate over distances, manage projects like they were at the office, and contribute to your success from any internet-ready device.


A Place To Learn, Engage & Grow

More than just administrative tools, our intranets are social networking platforms which foster company values, active participation, and a genuine love of work.

We believe when employees connect, they learn new skills, discover new methods of problem-solving, communicate better, and work together with far greater ease.

Besides the ability to share, like, comment or post, our intranets harmonize flawlessly with Yammer, giving your entire workforce the tools to interact, engage, collaborate, and overcome any organizational challenges.


A Place To Buy, Sell, Trade Or Donate

Strengthen employee relationships with your very own corporate bazaar. Our marketplaces are perfect for exchanging goods and services, selling items, purchasing treasures, and raising funds for charity.

Kids all grown up? Why not put their bike up for sale? Want to support cancer research? How about a charity drive?

Our intranet marketplaces are a hub of activity and engagement, allowing employees to talk, connect, participate, and have fun. After all, a happier workplace is a more productive workplace.


Streamlining Search & Control of Vital Documents

Get quick and secure access to important, confidential or commonplace documents, including memos, reports, forms, policies and manuals. Documents are groupware capable and can be collaboratively edited in real-time, thus minimizing miscommunication between departments and increasing productivity.

Companies also save time with rapid search and preview options along with full version histories which provide access to key information in record time. Furthermore, meta-tags and the ability to “Favourite” documents makes file retrieval easier, while cloud storage enables universal access from foreign locations.


Instant Connection & Collaboration

Enhance productivity by rapidly connecting key personnel to important projects, departments and locations.

Thanks to our customization features, search results can be narrowed by skill-set, department, location, job title, and even common interests. In fact, finding the right skills for a job has never been easier.

So why waste time? Our intranet search engine can help your business start new projects without delay.

Company Events

Event Management Made Easy

Want your upcoming company social to be a big success? Our intranets merge SharePoint with Office 365, making event planning, registration and management completely effortless.

Customization features include the ability to like, comment and share event details, along with calender options and reminders. Whether it’s a party or a product launch, our event manager helps you plan and execute each company affair with ease.

Company News

Quickly Get The Word Out

Information is power. Our intranets help you spread company news both quickly and conveniently, using either a broad distribution method or a more targeted approach.

From top executives to everyday staff, keep your entire workforce engaged and up-to-date with the latest projects, department news, and company announcements.

Plus, boost employee spirit and participation with a rich multimedia experience, including the ability to upload photos and measuring their engagement levels through Like, Comment and Share options.

SharePoint Designs Enterprise Solutions

80% of Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint. It’s the preferred choice of intranet for most enterprises, offering powerful tools for communication and collaboration, extensive document management capabilities, sweeping search features, lively social networking platforms, and responsive mobile experiences across all devices. In short, SharePoint has everything your business needs to perform better, faster and more efficiently.

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