Integration Services

Building a collaborative and futuristic ecosystem driven by the Microsoft suite of applications is only half the battle,
The other half is to ensure timely and seamless integration into a CRM platform like Salesforce so that its efficiency can be maximized.
SharePoint Designs helps you gain quick and secure access to opportunities, projects, and orders, from Salesforce directly on your Office 365 applications.

Streamline MS-Driven Integration Efforts


Lead nurturing to drive more sales

Plan and track follow-ups with leads to increase the level of prospect engagement

More email efficiency

Integrate CRM data into Microsoft Outlook and drive the right conversation at the right time

Comprehensive document management

trengthen the document lifecycle with extended sharing, storing, collaborating options

What we offer

SharePoint Designs enables you to perfectly synchronize CRMs like Salesforce with your Microsoft suite of applications, including MS Teams, Power Apps, Outlook, and more.
We equip your teams to automatically extract information from the CRM to prepare presentations, reply to emails, etc.
Our services include:
Consulting and assessment
End-to-end integration
Pre-built connectors and accelerators
Support and maintenance

Enrich Your MS Suite with CRM Data

MS Office suite integration services
Friction-free integration and deployment
Multiple pricing plans to suit business requirements
24/7 customer support


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