Case Studies

Gateway Group One
December 7, 2017

Gateway Group One


One evening we had an interaction with the CEO of Gateway groups Kurus Elavia, who wanted an intranet site for the employees of his company. He wanted it to be fun filled and the employees should enjoy using the internal site.

When we decided to agree for his requirement we explored about Gateway One. They provide a reliable and unparalleled experience in the security and frontline services for their clients. Their formula of superior executive-level client service and expertly trained personnel has been proven in some of the busiest, most challenging cities and travel hubs in the united states.

We at SharePoint Designs, arranged for a few meetings and brainstorming sessions with the Management team to have a detailed understanding about their requirement. We had meetings within our team to discuss about the feasibility and availability of the resources and organized a team to proceed with the project.

We developed a fun-based home page, which includes all the requested features like Quick Links where they can have contacts, lists, search and share options. Our intranet allowed the employees to share their popular stories, resources. News and events can be announced. Employees will also be able to share their achievement, celebrations, testimonials and customer feedback. The site will allow them to update customer stories as well.

They wanted a Task Management board which is a status indicator, which would help them to track the status of all the tasks which is performed under each project and every department with time frame to improve the performance of the employees. They wanted it to be extremely simple and easy to understand.

We created a portal where they can enter the tasks that they are performing under each project and department with time slot. They gave us the description of their process which they followed, using this we divided the process into four divisions that are Finance and Accounting, Human Resource, Legal and security. Under each division they can add the project they are working on with the due date and the owner of the project. We gave colors for every status, like Green Indicates-Completed, Yellow Indicates-In progress and Red Indicates-Delayed. We gave them symbols to tag tasks that needs high importance and high importance with priority.

Gateway one provides services for Aviation industry and Security services in the United States. So, they wanted us to give them a dashboard which will help them to update all the information of operations regarding Aviation and Security. Let us discuss Aviation for more detailed understanding. Aviation dashboard includes ADA Complaints, Air lines, Aviation goal submit form, Aviation report form.

Client followed a goal setting system for their employees, hence we created an Aviation goal setting form where they can enter all the goals set by the company for the employees to achieve. An aviation report dashboard was built for the employees to update all the information like Scheduled hours, Safety incidents, baggage carts, either full time or part time employee, total number of employees under each Airline that they work for. The company will be able to track the performance of the employees based on the details entered in the report form. Employees will also be able to update the difficulties they face like administrative issues etc.  We also created a dashboard for ADA complaints, where they can update if have any complaints.

We gave the client a similar dashboard for security services, which includes security complaints, Security Goals submit form, security report form and security sites.

They wanted a solution to deal with the employee enrollment system in the company and mainly wanted to reduce the paper work in the process. They also wanted a database where the information regarding the man power of the employees can be updated. They wanted some automated forms where they can update information on number of positions that are vacant and number of employees to be appointed in every process and department.

We created a form wherein they can enter the details about the job title, department, requirement date, hiring manager and employee’s status. We made it editable as well as viewable. If a manager needs requirement in his project or department he should give detailed information and the reason for the requirement, hence we created a form where he can enter all the information regarding the position, department, either full time or part time employee and the details of the hiring manger as well. This form will help them by saving their time and paper work.


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