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Dell – Europe more info about Dell online
July 29, 2017

Dell – Europe more info about Dell online


Dell Team in Europe is having vast clients across Europe and Middle East. All these clients rent or loan Dell products for their computing requirements. They are doing it through a Loan/rent requirement hardcopy form.

How we helped?

We understood the requirements from the client through various meeting and brainstorming sessions and clearly understood the pain areas. Coordinated and worked with different departments. What we understood was all the workings are manual and data is maintained using excel. Since, the system cannot be accessible from multiple client locations.

Solution Highlights

  • We understood how they can go forward with the requirements. They suggested us that they have SharePoint that was adopted for file sharing and document sharing maybe we can use that tool to develop the system. So, we started working with the IT Department. Dell IT team to get required resources and tools to login and work in their SharePoint environment.
  • We started putting together several databases and forms that are available over SharePoint and each forms are used to update the databases. We have also integrated an Access database that can input the data from Excel into the Access and this in turn provide data to SharePoint.
  • We have designed Loan request form that queries different tables to get values and inventory. Then, Upon completing all the required fields. The form can be submitted. This form is designed using the Infopath Designer with several links to data sources and web services.
  • SharePoint designer workflow is used to perform several process and approvals throughout the lifecycle of the Loan request from the Clients submitting the loan request to ultimately going thorough approvals and booking the equipment’s for client dispatch.

Technologies Used

This solution is developed using Infopath form, Java script Client object model, SharePoint designer workflows and other complex webservice lookup to different databases.


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