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How SharePoint Designs enabled effortless invoice tracking with Power Apps
August 19, 2022

How SharePoint Designs enabled effortless invoice tracking with Power Apps

effortless-invoice-tracking-with-Power Apps

About Our Client

Advance Electric is a US-based specialized provider of commercial, industrial, and residential electrical solutions. A fast-growing company, they offer cutting-edge electrical solutions based on high-quality materials and experienced craftsmanship.

Project Challenges

  • An outdated invoice management system that was unable to cope with its emerging businesses
  • Manual tracking and processes of vendor invoices that involved extracting information from hundreds of e-mails
  • Failure to update the right order number in the invoice due to time-consuming error-prone processes

Our Solution

During the project's exploratory stage, SharePoint Designs identified the common fields in the invoices. Then, we leveraged MS SharePoint Forms to design a simpler form that captures all the relevant fields. Using Power Apps, we provided a streamlined list of the e-mails that were sorted by date, with a separate field to showcase customer name, address, and order details. Finally, after submission - the documents were generated and automatically saved in a unique folder.  

Thanks to our MS SharePoint expertise, the client could quickly retrieve the right document at the right time while easily reviewing the updated fields highlighted.

Business Benefits

  • Automated tracking of e-mails and invoices for error-free and simplified payment processes
  • Significant reduction of hours spent on repetitive tasks like searching for order details and sorting out e-mails
  • Minimal training required for the workforce to handle the invoice tracking process

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