Intranet environments require continuous improvement – with minor tweaks.

SharePoint Designs is backed by the experience of having completed several intranet projects for enterprises of all sizes. Our intranet services are by Microsoft SharePoint, and they help achieve business reliability.

Drive Seamless Intranet Experiences

 Quick implementation and deployment

  Manage documents, install basic web parts, and create Teams channels

 Increased efficiency and collaboration

 Digitize processes and utilize pre-built web parts

Drive Seamless Intranet Experiences

SharePoint Designs empowers you to elevates your enterprise productivity by through business reporting, workflow management, knowledge management, support, etc.

We also help business users increase productivity by simplifying the setup of Microsoft Teams while managing documents and external collaborationl

MS SharePoint configuration services
Microsoft Teams set-up
Basic or interactive document management
Secure external sharing

Maximize the ROI of your Inranet

End-to-end MS SharePoint intranet services
Friction-free integration and deployment
Multiple pricing plans to suit business requirements
24/7 customer support

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