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site header
Site Header
How do you introduce yourself without really saying anything? Branding! Yes, we understand that branding represents everything that you are not just to your customers but also your employees!
Our intranet site headers are customized to represent YOU, your color themes, your logo and, your font.
The hero section is what makes or breaks a website or an intranet! Make your employees feel welcome with a personalized greeting with their name using our custom SharePoint intranet webpart.
Throw in a catchy background image that represents the branding of the company along with a CTA button to make complete use of the hero section without overcrowding it!
flash ticker
Flash ticker
Unlike the breaking news section on the television that moves way too fast to even read the full sentence, our custom SharePoint intranet flash ticker webpart can be customized to move slow or fast as per your need! What a fun way to include a birthday wish or weather or even the good old breaking news!!
Covid Updates
Who loves cake? Or Who doesn’t love cake? Increase your employee engagements in your company intranet site using this custom SharePoint intranet birthday webpart.  Send wishes to your colleagues and who knows you might even end up getting a piece of cake!
Help Desk
Newspapers aren't Dead—Not Yet, Anyway! But how do you save trees and at the same time not get an information overload from watching news channels? Here's an easy way for your employees to keep up-to-date with the latest news - Our custom SharePoint intranet webpart is curated news with links to the most interesting stories in your industry.
facilities booking
To-Do list
Why wait outside the meeting room and keep knocking until the other team gets out when you can easily check the availability status and book the room ahead using this custom SharePoint intranet webpart?
event calendar
Leave balance
Do you or anyone whom you know suffer from FOMO? If yes, No worries!! We come bearing the good news of our very own custom SharePoint intranet webpart to keep a tab on all the events happening at your company!
Click and add to your outlook calendar to remind you before the event! How cool is that?
staff directory
refer friends & family
Are you looking for the one? Errrr we meant, the one person who can fix your project issues or can lend a helping hand?
Use our staff directory custom SharePoint intranet webpart with a search bar to search for that specific person and their reporting structure.
discussion board
Thought for the day
To be or not to be? Well, you don’t need to do a soliloquy when you can be a part of a stimulating discussion with your amazing colleagues! Here, we present you our user-friendly custom SharePoint intranet webpart to get feedback,  
comment your opinions or organize a poll and increase the employee engagement in your company intranet site!